April Fool’s Day is Every Day for Journalists

April Fools dayApril Fool’s Day always brings back childhood memories.  To celebrate the occasion, my mother would always come up with prank that would fool my sisters and me.  One of her favorite practical jokes was to scream, ” Look, a mouse!” . After our initial screams and panic, we would quickly discover that the mouse was only a rubber toy, and we’d all start laughing.

Thanks to technology, these days with a simple click of the “mouse,” it’s easy to stumble across information that ranges from making you want to laugh, cry or even scream in disbelief.   So just how do you tell if something you read or view online is a hoax, or whether that latest post about your favorite celebrity is true or not?   These days journalists need to have their own bag of tricks in order to not be fooled by the continuous stream of daily content found on broadcast, print, online and social media.

This morning I came across a tweet via @journtoolbox on helpful resources provided by the Society of Professional Journalists.  You’ll find links to fact-check and debunk online hoaxes, myths, and out right lies on the “Hoaxes, Urban Legends and Scams” page on The Journalist’s Toolbox: http://ow.ly/jC8B4

And if you want to laugh, check out this Huffington Post story on the April Fool’s prank played by the search engine Google on how to search a story by “smell”.

Cheers                                                                                                                         @SunnyFridge


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