JSU Cyberlearning Summit making i-History

IMG_2278 It ‘s a case of innovation meeting education! The Democratization of CyberLearning Summit is in its second day at the Mississippi e-Center@JSU.  The event is spearheaded by MS e-Center Executive Director Dr. William McHenry.   It is an opportunity for educators to share promising and best practices in providing students access to the latest cyberlearning technologies that are being used to enhance the learning experience. Among the highlights Thursday was a demonstration of the Mondopad and a discussion of the economic impact of iPad learning, and included cyber chats with experts and educators from around the country using the Fuze app.

Jackson State University made history last fall by implementing the largest iPad scholarship program at a public university in the United States. The freshman class received iPads and the faculty were trained to infuse technology into the curriculum.

I’m looking forward to working with our mass communication freshmen and other students to incorporate mobile reporting utilizing iPads in my multimedia reporting class in the fall.  There are already several apps for using teleprompters in delivering the news.  Our high definition production switcher has an iPad and iPhone app and we’ve already used skype during our show productions to interview guests.  Earlier this month at the JSU International Week Film Festival, JSU English professor Noel Didla’s class and my mass comm students skyped the Filmmakers after the event and we used social media to engage students in discussing other films as well. Twit chats and Storify have also been used this semester to cover events using the iPad and other tablets and mobile devices.  The cyberlearning possibilities are endless.  Who knows, maybe I’ll be a presenter at next year’s CyberLearning Summit!

You can find more information about this initiative at jsucyberlearning.com or text “jsucyber” to 72727. Today’s event is being live streamed and kicks off at 9:00 a.m. and ends after lunch.




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