Ok Glass: “Please come to my class”

I recently got the opportunity to try on Google Glass while at a recent IRTS seminar during the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV. The technology is really amazing, allowing you to wear this tiny computer like a pair of glasses. You can access information through voice commands without using your hands. It works on the iPhone but seems to be more Android friendly.  One website I checked out listed more than 70 Google Glass apps, and one in particular, Google Now is pretty impressive. The app acts as a virtual personal assistant (think Apple’s Siri) and automatically generates Gmail cards with customized information based on your location, interests and search habits.  It also retrieves travel and restaurant reservations from your Gmail account and lets you know what the weather or traffic is like before you head out the door. The beauty of this technology is that the information is shown literally before your eyes without having to reach for your smartphone. There is a touchpad on the side of the frame but you can also activate Google Glass by simply tilting your head up. Once you say the words “Ok Glass,” a screen appears and you can tell Google Glass to make a call, send a message, email, access contacts , music and much more.

And you have access 24/7 to taking photos and recording videos and immediately sharing to social media.  There’s even an app that allows you to simply “wink” to take a photo. There are drawbacks and privacy issues, but that’s why Google has been allowing consumers and developers to test the product.
I signed up for the Google Glass Explorer Program and am hopeful I will soon be selected to beta test Google Glass, so that our mass comm students at Jackson State will have a chance to experiment. The sky’s the limit, as you will see in this video that shows the super cool ways Google Glass can be used.

“Ok Glass, please come to my class!”



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